Main house: Woodside Cottage (3,500 sq ft), a single storey, 3-bedroom, house connected by covered walkway to the Castle Loft with a multi-car garage, store room, loft and lantern observatory. Outside features: The Grotto with sink & BBQ, store room, Roger’s Folly (observation tower with spiral staircase), covered parking areas, and a fountain.

Ranch Barns: Wroxham Hall (14,500 sq ft), workshop, vehicle and equipment storage, offices, and support facilities.
Party Barn (3,600 sq ft) with second floor storage, office,  tool store, feed store, video/audio, servery, woodstove; attached Ramada (600 sq ft) with Loco Smoker BBQ pit, scullery, and support facilities.
Cow Barn (5,400 sq ft) with second floor storage; Hay Barn (1,440 sq ft); Double-Decker Hay Barn 3,096 sq ft;

Other Ranch Buildings: 4 Well Houses (Rock, 100 sq ft each), 2 Bath Houses (Rock, 100 sq ft each), Scullery (Rock, 100 sq ft), Kiosk (Rock, 160 sq ft), Airboat Shed (200 sq ft), and Barbican.

Fences, Gates, & Bridges: 4,000 ft of rock column and steel railing fences featuring 3 rock-wall entries (King’s, Queen’s & Knight’s) with power gates and cattle guards, two with gatehouses. 4,500 ft of rock wall fences, Wroxham Bridge.

Creeks & Ponds: The ranch's northern boundary is follows New Year Creek for approximately 7,000ft. There are 6 ponds, the largest of which is 12 acres, and a moat.

Ranch Facilities: Penycombe Tor amphitheater, several bird cages; 600 amp emergency power generator with propane fueled V10 engine; water wells -800 gal/min diesel turbine irrigation well, 235 gal/min diesel turbine irrigation well, 135 gal/min 7.5hp water well, 3x 85 gal/min 5hp (280ft) water wells, one with water softener, 50 gal/min 5hp (440ft) water well;

Ongoing construction includes; a 10 acre lake, 900 sq ft guest cottage, and rock-wall fences.

Flora & Fauna: The ranch is currently breeding Black Angus cattle, Mute Swans, and Peacocks. Native and cultivar pecans are harvested from approximately 300 trees. More than 800 irrigated Live Oak trees are planted around fields and along roads. Hay is harvested in several irrigated fields.The ponds are stocked with Big Mouth Bass, Blue fin perch and mosquito minnows. Whitetail deer roam in abundance. Frequently seen wildlife includes; Bobcats, Foxes, Coyotes, Racoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Possums, Gophers, Turtles, Snakes, Red-tailed Hawks, Buzzards, Owls, Humming Birds, Bluebirds, Red Buntings, Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Doves, Mallard & Wood Ducks and Geese.
Fields of Bluebonnets & Texas Paintbrush.